• DSL Monitoring

    Due to some trouble with my internet connection I built some tooling to monitor the connection. You may use it to gather data to talk to your provider. Or you can use it to get into a measure-change-measure debugging cycle. The latter approach helped me solving my problems (see this post for more details on my investigations & actions).

  • Mule

    A tool to be used with ‘go generate’ to embed external resources into Go code to create single file executables without any dependencies.

  • Templify

    A tool to be used with ‘go generate’ to embed external template files into Go code.

  • Feiertage

    Feiertage is a Go/Golang library for calculating German and Austrian bank holidays. It includes the calculation of the date of Easter and, more importantly, offers ways to retrieve public holidays for a state of Germany or Austria (=Bundesland).

  • SitemapMS

    SitemapMS is a google sitemap (sitemap.xml) generator for websites powered by CMSMS (CMS Made Simple) - It reads the pages and related information straight out of the CMSMS database. Thus it is really fast, its access is not tracked by analytics tools as Piwik etc. and it is perfectly fitting to be run as a cron job.

  • CL-Marshal

    Simple and fast marshalling of all kinds of Lisp data structures. Convert any object into a s-expression, put it on a stream an revive it from there. Only minimal changes required to make your CLOS objects serializable. Actually you only need to add 1 method per baseclass.