Finally I migrated my old blog posts to a new Jekyll based Gihub Pages project. Though these posts probably aren’t of any interest for nobody and definetly never read I always wanted to do that. I like the idea of simply pushing some Markdown files. I merged the blog post with content from other sites I (more-or-less) maintained. So there are quite some pages now.

I have to say that my experience with the migration to Jekyll was surprinsingly hard. The learning curve is quite steep. While there is a lot of documentation I found it most of the time not really helpful / not working with github pages.
But, as with most things, once you wrap you brain around it, it becomes quite handy.

I was already used to Hugo, but ran in its limits with mutiple single static pages, as you may need for the imprint or privacy information pages, that are required nowadays. This is a lot simpler to be done with Jekyll.