Just a few days ago I was granted a free license of IntelliJ Ultimate (and by that means for all their IDEs) by JetBains for the development of my small, but somehow used open-source libraries. See projects for a list of libraries.

Most of them are some simple tools, but I think two of them are notable:

  • feiertage is really helpful to get the information of available working days in different areas in Austria and Germany (this is not standardized throughout the countries). It calculates the dates on its own and there are some strange rules as “fifth Thursday after Easter”. And it needed Gauß to reliably calculate the date of Easter!
  • cl-marshal still seems to be the standard serializing framework for common lisp. Though it does not have too many Github stars, it is used by a huge mass of projects due to a transitive dependency, as Hunchentoot, something like Apache Tomcat for Common Lisp, is (was?) using it. So for quite a while it was in the top download charts of the Quicklisp package manager. It may still be the case, but I am not aware of the status as I am no longer deep in lisp development.

I just want to say a big thank you for that donation! Especially as my projects are little more than from the playground and not comparable to the “big open-source lighthouses”. I really like the JetBrains family of IDEs.