I did a rework of my archery club’s homepage and decided to use a content management system called CMS Made Simple or, shorter, CmsMS. It did not generate a google sitemap automatically. Yet another plugin just did not seem to work.

Well, so I wrote a simple sitemap generator. It connects to the database of the content management system and creates a sitemap.xml file. The hierarchy of the pages in the menu drives the priority in the sitemap. It can be run frequently as a cronjob.

It reads a file named .sitemapms.ini that resides in the home directory of the user running the tool and takes some command-line switches.


; SiteMapMS Config file
  Database = cms_db
  User     = mabuse
  Password = fkhdb4322rb
  BaseUrl     = http://www.mysite.com
  SiteMapPath = /var/www/sitemap.xml
  Filter     = ^/doc/.*
  Filter     = ^/stats.*

See https://github.com/wlbr/sitemapms for details.